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Roofing Business Start-Up Kit


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Roofing Business Deluxe Start-Up Kit


A Message from David J. Deschaine

Do you want to Make More Money from one roofing installation transaction which could be a month of pay from regular full time job? I have sold over 22 MILLION Dollars of Roofing installation packages in the past 10 year with over 6.8 MILLION Dollars of Gross profit after paying for the materials & labor. If you have currently been laid off, fired or have last your job, or a contractor that has been in the new construction business and the work has dryed up because of the current housing and economic conditions, if you can talk with home owners or currently own a home improvement business or now want to start your own business HERE IT IS!

Roofing Business Deluxe Start-Up Kit ONLY....$49.95
This 148 page manual and 22-minute Sales Training video are everything you need to start up your own roofing contractor business!
This extensive and carefully assembled start-up kit will guide you through starting and managing your own roofing contractor business from start to success! It includes guides on setting up your first office, hiring qualified people to work for you, setting up your computers to handle client data and referral information, tips and tricks on marketing and advertising, photo-guides on proper roof construction and repair, as well as countless pre-made forms so you can stop worrying about administration, and start succeeding! The Sales Training Video will guide you through meeting and greeting the home owner, doing a walk-around survey of the home, taking notes, creating accurate estimates, doing an in-home sales presentation and finally closing the sale. This live presentation will help guide you through the sales process to increase your closings.
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